Zoloft Side Effects First Week Remedy!

Zoloft side effects first week, also known as opiate withdrawal stage 1 or day 1, is the worst of all the phases. Depending on the type of Opiate will depend on how hard of a crash the first hours are going to be. For example, a fast acting opiate like Heroin comes on fast and furious. Whereas, a slow releasing drug like methadone may take up to 30 hours before the onset of withdrawals start. We will begin to discuss first few days on Zoloft and things that might help. However, we strongly encourage you to not try to do this alone. Instead, seek medical treatment as it is easy to overdose by mistake.

Call 24×7 at 844-284-2133. We can give you more information on Zoloft side effects first week. Otherwise, if you try on your own, death or brain damage can occur. We are not working with low class of drugs. These drugs change your brains chemistry and can alter how you perceive things.  Give us a call.

Overcoming Zoloft Side Effects First Week

Opiate withdrawal stage 1, or Zoloft side effects first week, has many things that will be going on. One of these is depression. Specifically, depression can go into the pit of a black hole. As you take the drug away from the brain, the happy pills are gone and it can spiral out of control into an endless pit. However, this is normal and the more prepared for it you are the better. This is something that we closely monitor throughout the stage of Zoloft initial side effects. There are certain vitamin combinations that can help as well as a good support system. Our rehab experts see good results with Loperamide, Imodium and L-Tyrosine.

Surround yourself with caring and loving people. In addition, there are support groups available as well as sponsors to help you with this.  There are many agencies that are there for you should you feel you need help with Depression. Don’t go it alone. Reach out for help. As a result, Zoloft side effects first week will be way easier.

  • Anxiety from Opiate WITHDRAWAL

Opiate withdrawal stage 1 has a huge amount of anxiety. As a matter of fact, experts define anxiety as one of the initial side effects of Zoloft. You will most likely have anxiety of just going to go into Withdrawal. And, it is worth note it that Lexapro withdrawal or Cymbalta withdrawal will lead to the same effects. 


The unknowing is always a great source for anxiety. As a result, a lot of people are looking online for “starting Zoloft what to expect". However, the jitters are something that come with withdrawal as well. Again, there is help for this. There are support groups, other medications and treatment options.

We are here to make you comfortable. So, please don’t try to withdrawal at home. These symptoms can get really terrible. At Opiate Withdrawal Academy, we have things that will treat the symptoms to keep them in check and tolerable. That said, we are here to help.

If you search online for “first day on Zoloft what to expect", Insomnia will be the first thing. Failing to sleep well is a common problem. So, experts consider it one of the main Zoloft side effects first week. After all, you have the anxiety going on and that can cause some panic. As a result, it is hard to sleep. Yet, we do have things that will help with this as well. There are over the counter medications as well as prescriptions we can use to combat the insomnia.

However, your body is going through some major changes within itself, chemical wise. These changes can alter the affects of certain medications. So, we highly recommend doing this under medical supervision. Insomnia is the inability to sleep. Accordingly, you can be exhausted and most likely will be, but you cannot sleep. There are various medications and other things we can try to help combat this. Give us a Call. And let our experts make your Zoloft side effects first week a way easier.

Zoloft Side Effects First Week
How to go through Zoloft Side Effects First Week?

Upset Stomach

Opiate withdrawal stage 1 has a vase array of stomach issues from vomiting to cramping and diarrhea. As a result, Zoloft side effects first week could be annoying. Just image how bad this could get, but we have things to combat this as well. We are 100% prepared for Zoloft initial side effects. This is not something that is of surprise. At Opiate Withdrawal Academy, we have a list of approved medications that can help with this, both over the counter and prescribed. Depending on the level of severity and what is actually going on, we can help on the phone as well. For example, diarrhea can be treated with Imodium

Imodium is also in the Opiate family but a different area all together. Imodium can be used to treat the symptom of diarrhea. However, it should not be viewed as an opiate replacement. It is not a replacement at all for opiates. There are other things that can be done to assist in making your life as comfortable in this time as possible.  We will work with you and find the best solution. Our customized treatment plan will make your Zoloft side effects first week easier.

First Day on Zoloft What to Expect
Tips on Zoloft Side Effects First Week

Flu Like Symptoms

Zoloft side effects first week includes flu-like symptoms as well. For example, running nose, headache, chills are are all normal. This can be combated with certain medications as well as just like with the flu, rest, blankets, tissues and hot baths help as well. So, drink lots of fluids to flush the system as much as possible. Your body is literally going through a major chemical change. This change can be throw of your systems in every direction. As a matter of fact, this is expected as the signals from your body to your brain and visa versa are all affected. Everything is trying to find it’s way back to normal.  And, we are here to make it easy as possible on you. If you go through your first few days on Zoloft, give us a call now.  

  • Opiate withdrawal stage 1 Summary

Zoloft side effects first week has a lot of various symptoms going on all at the same time. So, our job as a treatment facility is ensure we try to minimize these issue. We hare here for your health. In addition, we want to see you have success. This success will only come by going through some of these long withdrawal symptoms.  

How long does this stage last?

Initial Side Effects of Zoloft can last through 1-5 days approx. This seems like an eternity. But, it’s worth it. Depending on how much of the Opiates you have in your system, how your body does, and what kind of opiates you were using. The fast acting opiates like Heroin that you feel affects immediately with, those will have the hardest and fastest withdrawals. As a result your Zoloft side effects first week will be tough. They will get over with faster, on average. However, they are super hard hitting as well.

The Opiates that don’t hit as fast but more on going, these can take up to 30 hours to start withdrawals and the symptoms are not as bad but last longer. Again, everybody’s body is different. This is a chemical change in the body and brain. And, it takes time for it to clear out. The withdrawal symptoms for Heroin use or fast acting Opiates is as little as 12 hours. With Methadone it can take up to 30 hours.

In fact, your symptoms will be at their peak on Day 3, this is the roughest day. So, be aware of that. We like to get patients prepared for what is about to happen. So, this way you can mentally prepare and you know what is coming. Give us a call. And let our experts make your Zoloft side effects first week easier.  

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