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Cyat Journal of Guidance and Counsellingv24 n2 p Dec Online counselling is a rapidly growing field and, while there is emerging evidence of its comparative effectiveness, there has been little research into what techniques are being applied in practice and which clients will most likely benefit from this medium. Using a focus group methodology, this study examines the experiences of 19 online clinicians employed by a youth mental health service, investigating their perception of online clients, views on their counsellor roles, the approaches and techniques they employ, and the unique aspects of counselling in an online environment. Overall, online young chat perceived goung clients as presenting with highly complex problems and a high level of psychological distress. They noted online clients would most often use the service once or twice, emo chat that some would use online chat as an adjunct to face-to-face counselling. The younb clinicians described various roles, including: assessments, gatekeeping, providing emotional support, and therapeutic interventions.

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Institutt for informasjonssikkerhet og kommunikasjonsteknologi [] Sammendrag The use of video chat applications is increasing, both in private and professional settings.

There has been much focus in the literature on, for example, how and in what contexts applications for video dirty talk teens are used, and on which factors affect the users' Quality of Experience QoEwith two or more party video calls, and how insight into these factors can lead to better user experiences.

However, most of these studies have concentrated on video chat sessions in general, and predominantly focus on adult user groups.

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However, children have become a growing and important - yet for various reasons under-investigated - user group of such applications as well. Thus, this thesis aims to contribute to the literature by explicitly focusing on a younger age group.

Young chat

More concretely, in this thesis, the main objective is to gain a better insight in how children in the age from 6 months to 7 years use either alone or as participants video chat, and chhat various e. All three studies have complemented each other, and have given insight into how young children use video chat.

The indicate how widespread the use is, and which factors might influence a video chat session, where young children participate. Some of the main findings are that the most frequent conversation partners are grandparents, and the frequency of use is higher among families having relatives living far away.

Furthermore, important influencing factors in the setting of young children and video yiung sessions are the content itself, the children's age and attention level, family relationships, level of experience with video chat, connection problems, and video quality. Interestingly, children - even the younger ones - do tend to notice quality impairments, yet they react in different ways and age plays an important role in this respect.

Young chat

However, more research is needed before the can be generalized. Also, it is desirable to improve the research methods for video chat and QoE, so that they are more tailored to young children as an important user group.