Wellbutrin Withdrawal Symptoms Treatment!

Wellbutrin withdrawal symptoms could be tough. Yes, Wellbutrin withdrawal cause different reactions to different people. Just like any medication, your body will adjust differently when you stop the intake.  Tapering the medication can help with withdrawals. It is much easier to quit on a lower dose. But, ask your doctor. In fact, we don’t recommend stopping Wellbutrin without a doctor’s permission. Withdrawal can begin anywhere for 24-72 hours of the last dose. In this time you may experience seizures and should be monitored.

After 1 week you will be tired and need more sleep. Specifically, your body will go back to the depression. Mental issues, brain fog is a common occurrence during this time.  On week 2 you will have nightmares and increased depression.

Is Weight Gain one of Wellbutrin Withdrawal Symptoms?

On week 3-4, you will start to experience other Wellbutrin withdrawal symptoms and weight gain. Specifically, this is the time frame that the depression starts to set back in. Some people gain weight when they are depressed. As a result, being less active or just not feeling like doing much can lead to this weight gain.

Whereas, some people find comfort in food and comfort eat. There are many factors that lead to weight gain. That is why it is one of the common Wellbutrin withdrawal symptoms. In this context, your mood will play a role.  If you are depressed and eat when depressed, then you will surely experience this side affect. Additionally, if you are a mood eater then this is something that you might want to nip the bud before it even starts.

For example, make an exercise routine or just determine and establish good eating habits and stick to them. Wellbutrin withdrawal and weight gain are common. The same thing could happen if you go through Prednisone withdrawal or Cymbalta withdrawal. Also, you can call us for any questions. Call 24×7 at 844-284-2133.

Is Weight Loss Another Symptom?

Adding to the above, Wellbutrin withdrawal and weight loss occurs if you’re the person that loses weight when your depressed and your body is under stress. We all know our types. So, this is the “Fat and Happy" type.  When you’re happy and things are going well, you are fat. But, just the opposite when you are depressed. As a result, Wellbutrin withdrawal and weight loss will occur if this is your type.  

That said, weight loss is one of the common Wellbutrin withdrawal symptoms. Besides, emotions very much have control over our appetites.  This may not be for all people, but a good majority have this. Wellbutrin is an anti-depressant and helps the body battle depression. When you go off of the drug, then your natural body takes over. If you tend to be depressed, you will go back to being depressed if Wellbutrin helped you. 

Some people are happy eaters and some eat when they  are sad. Try to keep as regulated as possible and make healthy eating habits. Ultimately, you do have a choice to have the opposite of what your body does. Yet, you need to make this a conscious choice. You made the right decision by reading this. So, take the next step now. And let our experts help you.

Generic Wellbutrin Weight Gain

Yes, weight gain is one of the common Wellbutrin withdrawal symptoms. Generic Wellbutrin can cause weight gain not only by the chemical and as a side affect but as helping the patient with depression. So, if you have depression issues and get better on generic Wellbutrin then you will most likely gain weight if you eat when happy. Good to know about withdrawal from Wellbutrin.

In all reality, there are different emotional eaters in the world. Those that like to eat when they are happy and more alive and those that like to eat when they are sad to fill a void. So, be sure you are mindfully eating and don’t skip meals. As a result, this can lead to binge eating because you are so hungry. Appreciate your food. Slow down between bites and enjoy your food. In addition, it is good to go for healthy nutrition plans

Wellbutrin withdrawal symptoms
Common Wellbutrin Withdrawal Symptoms


What about generic Wellbutrin XL weight loss? Sometimes emotional eating is the opposite for some people. If you tend to eat better and maintain a healthier weight when you’re happy, then you will eat less due to you being a sad emotional eater.

You were eating to fill a void. And, this void left you depressed and anxious. However, Wellbutrin XL weight loss happened when you were getting better and out of your pit. That said, weight loss and weight gain are both Wellbutrin withdrawal symptoms. That applies to Sertraline withdrawal as well.

Does Generic Wellbutrin Cause Weight Gain?

Does generic Wellbutrin cause weight gain?  Well, it can be a side effect for any medication really. But what it boils down to is your emotional eating patterns. If you are a happy eater, then yes, you will probably gain weight. If you are stress eater than you most likely will not. In fact, people have different reasons other than hunger that causes them to eat. Sometimes they see food as a reward. If you were rewarded with treats growing up, this most likely carried over into adulthood.

Withdrawal from Wellbutrin
Guide on Wellbutrin Withdrawal Symptoms


Emotional Eating with Wellbutrin

Many people suffer from Emotional eating. As a result, Wellbutrin withdrawal symptoms could be worse. This is when you eat not out of hunger but because you are sad, stressed, missing something physically or emotionally. Many people eat when they are stressed. This actually does have a chemical reason. When the body is stressed it produces cortisol. 

This Cortisol triggers the body to crave salt and grease food for a burst of energy. In addition, Sugar is also a big craving that will give this burst of energy and a sense of Euphoria. Emotional eating is no secret. Most people even know they are but have a hard time stopping. This is when you need to make a conscious decision on what goes into your mouth. That is significant to practice when it comes to withdrawal from Wellbutrin.  


Wellbutrin withdrawal symptoms are hard. But you can go through them. You just need to overcome the emotional eating. When eating ask if this is because you are actually hungry, when was the last time you ate something, and is it good for you. Indeed, emotional eating can lead to overweight and obesity. So, try to determine why you’re eating. If you have some triggers that you are aware of, ask yourself. Happy eaters eat to stay happy. Emotional eaters are at two ends of the spectrum.

The ones that are under stress and eat everything in site and the opposite are under stress and have a hard time forcing themselves to eat. Even over the course of days. As may people say they would love to be able to not eat so much. It really can feel just as bad as wishing you could eat.  Things might not taste good or your stomach is in knots due to the stress. 

These people try to eat and they get sick, causing them to not want to try.  Both sides of emotional eating are not good. Therapy can help with this as well as medications to control mood. Do not take high risks. That said, self-medication is not a good approach. In some cases, it could be life threatening. Give us a call today. Our skilled rehab experts are very happy to help. Life is too short to go through Wellbutrin withdrawal symptoms without help.

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