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Rosa: It is so cute. Store employee: So cute. Cristen: Awwww.

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And so they're often open 24 hours and there's like a restaurant and you just like walk around naked. And everybody's like, very comfortable with that. And But I have so many tattoos that people are really upset. And I've had like altercations within these like spas with people and, you know, and the kind of discrimination that comes with tattooing is it's it's palpable.

Cristen: So palpable, in South Korea, being a tattoo artist without a medical is actually illegal. Caroline: Yeah - that tattoo stigma has deep historical roots across much of Asia, and in South Korea, it became further wojen after the Korean War. Margaret: South Korea was decimated in the wars of the 's and completely rebuilt by organized crime. And the way that organized crime is sort of like acknowledged their being was through these full body tattoos, which we know as sort of like Mature 44902 nudes gressan adult chat tattoos, but it's also a Korean tradition so that tattoos are often thought of as like the criminal element.

But I'm like, you know, a old Korean argist, like, I'm so not a yakuza, like, I'm really not in organized crime.

Tattoo artist chat adult women

So that in itself should be a ifier that I'm not that. But there's those old biases still hold. So there's a lot of pushback. Tattoo artist chat adult women, if I go to Japan, which I do go to Japan once a year, Sex chats online norman oklahoma not allowed in the bathhouses there because I'm so tattooed.

And that's really unfortunate. You know, there's a few bathhouses now that allow tattoos and they're more sort of like open to westerners because everybody has them now. But the traditional ones, I can't go in. Cristen: So is the - is that kind of restriction in terms of like not allowing tattoos in the bathhouse, is that purely stigma or is there any idea about like it being less sanitary? Like what's - adult kenosha chat their rationale?

I mean, I think that is it is like it is a stigma, social stigma. But then, of course, that's attached of like, you know, in the underworld is like a dirty place. And so that there's a kind of discrimination that goes with that. So that that sort of could be like the idea. I mean, it - it's like you - you can't get rid of those thoughts and that people have about cleanliness and a kind of like pristine skin.

But at the same time, tattooing has a long tradition in Japan that it's weird. And I think that tattooing a lot, too, was well before, like you would you would tattoo criminals. So the Yakuza full body tattoo just developed out of people wanted to cover them with decorative tattoos. And so that that sort of like it's a lasting stigma. I mean, that the stuff started on like the year like or something.

So I think it's time to let it go. Whatever, I don't know.

Caroline: Let's give it a couple more years. Caroline: Cho knows! Cristen: And she'll drop that knowledge after a quick break. It was like a heat wave. So super hot. So everybody's like walking around pretty much like naked, like in bikinis on the street. And men would come up and just grab my thigh like my thigh or my upper arm or they would touch my back or they would like get real close and take photos of my stomach.

And it's because I'm so tattooed.

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And so when a woman is heavily tattooed, it's like, why do you have this graffiti on this public wall? This is not cool. Well I'm going to comment on local chat and say something. And it's like gay chat on kik, that attitude is really deep in our psyche and it's it's not cool.

And there is this prevailing notion that women's bodies are public space. That's why tattop bodies are always criticized for being too large, too small or whatever, that everybody feels like they can comment on it, that everybody woen that they can like reach out and touch a pregnant woman's belly, that it's like this thing of like we can somehow look at women's bodies as like public space because we treat it as such in in so many ways.

So it's kind of like this thing of like you're breaking the rules by marking up yourself.

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Like like you're a library book. Like I, you know, dog-eared my library book s. And so I'm going to get a talking to from the librarian, that kind of thing. Caroline: To understand why tattoos read as transgressive on femme bodies, we need to unpack some claptrap. Caroline: Let's start with some obvious claptrap, the tramp stamp. Porn chat winter haven, the 70s and 80s ushered in a tattoo renaissance, and they began spreading from the counterculture to the mainstream.

And with that, the suddenly sexualized "chick spot" got slut shamed and renamed the tramp stamp. Caroline: Who decided that lower back tattoos are tramp stamps? Margaret: I don't know!

To me it's like a ridiculous thing. I mean, it's - that's kind of like a misogyny too, you know, of like how dare a woman do that? And so the payback for that is that you're gonna be like chats argentinos as a tramp. Like it's like it is kind of low-key, not even low-key. But it's like misogyny. But it's also this thing of like, again, like women are not allowed to do stuff to their bodies like that, you know, because women are ours.

So Salas de chat sexo don't - I don't that's cool. But I do love - I love - I love a lower back tattoo. I think it's quite beautiful, actually, on on anybody but, you know, women's bodies in particular, because that the back is so beautiful and, you know, like these sort of I think the spine where everything starts, that sort of the kundalini snake is coiling.

I think it's really a lovely space. So free chat line phone numbers in london knows? Cristen: Well, I also read like in the whole like tramp stamp of it all. Definitely like high-key misogyny at work. But also it feels very almost classist in a way, because it's like, you know what I mean? Like it's - it's a trashy kind of tattoo to get.

Margaret: Which it's like. So like, what's wrong with trashy-ness? Like, I love it, like I am so in my heart and mind, I am such a temple prostitute. Like, I really love to mix the high and what is considered the low to me, it's holy. Like, it's very - it's beautiful. So a trashy-ness like to me is - it's really relative to like what you sort of look at as trashy. Like to me, trashy-ness is littering. That's just tattoo artist chat adult women. But everything else is kind of like, well, you know, it's more of a judgment on like what you what you consider like your body and what you want to do with it.

You know, couple chat like your choices. Cristen: But C, to really understand how tattoo stigmas got under our skin in the West, we've gotta rewind back wayyy before the tramp stamp ramped up. In the late s, he tagged along with Captain James Cook through the South Pacific where they encountered Polynesian tattooing cultures.

Rattoo that discreteness was key to the chicness.

Because also at the time, if you wanted to see women flaunting their tattoos, you'd head for the nearest circus sideshow Caroline: By afult turn of the 20th century, tattooed ladies had become an entertainment staple, attracting folks who paid to gawk at all their body art. It makes sense, then, that during the War War I era, a wmoen contortionist named Maud Wagner became the first white female tattoo artist in the United States that we know of. She learned stick n poke on a first date with a tattooed circus performer who would become tattol husband, Cristen.

Cristen: She would have so many Instagram followers these days. Similarly, invhat circus burlesque dancer named Mildred Hull became one of the first American women to open her own shop, which earned her the very creative nickname of New York's Only Lady Tattooer. Caroline: Well, how do you feel about tattoo culture like. Is the whole boys club thing like is that stereotype accurate in your mind? Margaret: Yes, because men free adult chat site environments within these industries that are very supportive and nurturing to each other, where they bring other men in and they father each other.

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And they don't have that for women because there's so few of us in certain industries, we're locked out through the sort of gatekeeping that is semi, it's intentional, but local horny chat tangachari more afult an overlooking thing. It's like, well, we just didn't think the girls want to do this, you know, which is dumb and also gross. That's very real in comedy dating iglesia chat very real aadult tattooing.

And so I think that the women in tattooing are exceptional because they have to be in order to just get anywhere and also to survive. They have to be self-sufficient. And at the same time, just really great. So, you know, it's like you have to endure so much. But because of that, women are often better tattoo artists in the same way that women are often better at everything. Cristen: Yeah, even though we do see female and nonbinary tattoo artists claiming their space all over Instagram, in new shops and the occasional athleisure store pop-up.

But the most recent surveys and studies we found estimate that the percent of tattoo artists at large. Caroline: So who are your favorite female tattoo artists? Margaret: Chxt two favorites would be Kat Von D and Kim Saigh, who are great tattooers, and their tattoos occupy large, taattoo real estate on wrtist body. So it is sort of celebrates the pussy. It's kind of like a pussy mural.

Tattoo artist chat adult women

And it's like really like, you know, it just reminds you of where you're going. It's a good post. So, you know, you're going in the right direction. And it is really glorious. Caroline: Are we noticing some stereotypes around women getting tattoos changing, especially like since you first started getting them? Margaret: Yeah, for sure. Because women are sort of understanding the beauty and power of owning your own body. Like it's like. I can own my body and I can do this for myself.

And - and that's powerful. And I think that, you know, the aesthetics of tattooing, it's like now we almost modified them to our own aesthetics. And, you know, you can do whatever you want. And that's a really great thing. And so I feel like that's a positive thing that it's like on Pinterest, because now we're seeing like it doesn't have to be the sort of like rough-and-tumble thing unless you want that.

It can be actually very elegant and very subtle or it can be very loud and bombastic. And it can also be just very pretty and chat lines without registration with older ladies girly if you want. You know, so that's that's really special.

Tattoo artist chat adult women

aartist Is there any kind of snobbery there? Margaret: It's so much snobbery. I love a stick and poke. I love like a bunch of like stick and pokes. Like, it's great. And that's a whole nother aesthetic. That's quite, I think, new and really beautiful and really exciting. Tattio I think that it's like. And yeah, I love an overtly very feminine art, like an art nouveau tattoo or something like to me that's really random chat with girls and beautiful.

And yeah, there's all of this unnecessary gatekeeping around tattoos where it's like you don't get to say like what is authorized or what's officially this is a cool tattoo.

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Like, that's not up to your judgment. It's really up to the person womdn has it, and the artist to some degree. It's like artistt like this weird thing of like there is no authority. There is no chag is art and it's also adornment and personal taste. And that is something that cannot be governed. Caroline: When aduly come back, Margaret shares how tattoos are like fine wine: They get better with age Cristen: And they last longer than lip fillers! Caroline: Stick n poke around… Cristen: Oh you!

Margaret: I think that they chat matures cygnet that I am here for it. I'm here for life in all the forms that it can take, all of the experiences that it can give me. And I'm not afraid to be permanently marked by those experiences. Cristen: We're back with Margaret "I'm here for it" Cho.

That might mean general life crises, but it also might mean healing from adulf assault, abusive relationships or mastectomies. Margaret: I just love that I can claim my body as mine. You know, I have a long history of sexual abuse. And this kind of tattooing myself is a claiming of my own body. Like this body's mine and I'm not going to let it go.

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