How to Taper Off Zoloft at NO Risk?

How to Taper Off Zoloft is becoming a FAQ online. Opiate Withdrawal stage 3 and you think you’re in the clear?  Well, sadly, this is the easiest part of the withdrawal stages as far as the physical withdrawals.  Now the more mental withdrawals hit.  One will always be an addict and needs to understand that.  Once you have been addicted it is easy to return.  This is where healthy habits need to be form to deal with “those days".  Light exercising such as walking is a great option. Keep your stress to a min. when possible.  Take time for yourself and relax.  Figure out those trigger points and avoid them.  Just like any addiction, breaking habits can be just as difficult as the addiction.  Purposely change up your routine. Things of this nature will help you build your new life.  The drug free lifestyle is amazing.   Keep your body and mind active at all times and this will help as well.

Tips on How to Taper Off Zoloft

Although the topic is Opiate Withdrawal day 3, we would like to mention that opiate addiction is a lifetime. Yes, it gets easier with time.  But, it is for life.  This is something that will come and go forever.  But, with the right state of mind and objective to what needs to be done to keep sober, it can be done.  We can help with this.  We encourage you to leave the treatment with a long term plan one how your going to stay sober.  With the list of support people your going to have to go to.  This could be your family and friends or this could be groups or people from the center or other places.  Your not alone.  Should you feel you have no family or friends we can provide you with them.  We encourage all of our patients to build a strong support network.  This network doesn’t have to be people you know before treatment.  Maybe you’ll meet other patients that are going through the same things.

Support Groups are very helpful for long term goals.  Support groups have been in your shoes.  When they say, “I understand", they mean it. They really understand.  Sometimes family and friends say things to be supportive but in the back of your mind you wonder if they really understand.  People in support groups really understand. They have been there and done that.  And, they know all the little tricks and such.  These can be good tricks or bad tricks but they will keep you in the good.

Change Your Lifestyle

Opiate Withdrawal Stage 3 is the last of the chemical addiction process.  At this stage you will want to start the planning for the rest of your life.  You will need changes.  And, a bunch of changes.  Change your surroundings like move around the furniture changes.  This isn’t something that has be super drastic but change your surroundings.  Find out your triggers. Maybe a trigger is waking up feeling hopeless and lost.  Add something to your day that makes you get up and have to be there.  Maybe a meeting, a meet up group, a small job like walking someone’s dog or an actual job.  There are many things that can be injected here to ensure that you are on the right path first thing.  The day needs to start out positive with purpose.  Go do a gym workout and get those juices flowing in the right direction.  The morning should be filled with positive to keep you mind off from the old ways.  We know that you don’t feel well in the mornings and encourage people to be proactive in this.

Addicts and Relapses

We cannot stress this enough.  Once an addict always an addict.  Stress can come in many forms.  Many people believe that stress is the lose of a job or family member.  But, actually stress can come from happy events in life as well.  Like getting married or having a baby.  Getting a new job is fun and exciting but can come with stress.  What are the co-workers going to be like?   

Are you going to be smart enough?  Fast enough?  And, the stressful thoughts start rolling in.  With this comes the desire for the brain to stop the stress and the one way your body knows how is with drugs.  These are the triggers we try to prepare you for.  These are things that your brain has been trained as the go to.  We need new go to’s.  These are different things for everyone.

Relapses for Opiates are very common.  Are they okay?  No.  But, don’t beat yourself up over it.   You can never have that “I’ll just do it tonight".  Attitude or you will relapse and then it will turn into another addiction.  But, just because you relapsed doesn’t mean you have go full blown addicted again. Be honest and seek help.  Don’t beat yourself up but pick yourself up.  Figure out why you relapse what events lead up to  that. Who was with you and if that was a good choice.  We all make choices and sometimes we get caught up in the moment.

How to Taper Off Zoloft
Your Guide on How to Taper Off Zoloft

Relapsing after Opiate Withdrawal Stage 3

Relapsing after opiate withdrawal stage 3 can occur.  Actually it’s pretty common but with an after treatment plan.  It is less serious.  Once your relapse don’t continue to use.  Think that it’s useless, it’s too hard and your not strong enough.  Get those thoughts out of your mind.  You are strong enough.   You can do this and it is possible.  There are many people out there that are in your shoes.  We cannot encourage you enough to build up a strong support group to ensure that you have people you can count on. That is also tied up to the question How Long do Zoloft Side Effects Last

There are even free national hotlines you can call should you just need a listening ear.  You screwed up and you know it but get back up and brush yourself off.  It’s time to get strong again, even if you don’t feel like it.  You didn’t go through all those withdrawals to just have it all happen all over again.  Think of all that you have been through and where you came from.  Live is going to be different.  And, these changes aren’t always easy. That is important to know about how to taper off Zoloft.

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