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We wanted to begin with the most important subject on our agenda, and this happens to be children and their protection. And this particular Committee is always willing to take on tough subjects -- and this is very difficult -- protecting people's rights, but most importantly, and our priority is, to protect children.

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We wanted to begin with the most important subject on our agenda, and this happens to be children and their protection.

Sex chat rooms trenton new jersey

And this particular Committee is always willing to take on tough subjects -- and this is very difficult -- protecting people's rights, but most importantly, and our priority is, to protect children. One of the reasons why we chose this subject was that months ago, during a research on Avenel and sex offenders, my staffer was downstairs on the Internet pulling up material, and we heard gasps and cries of fright and disgust. They had pulled up dhat that was just unacceptable, even to adults.

The immediate fear was, roomd we could do this, children can do this, and how are we going to protect them? Because we had to research this subject, and our staff at OLS and our Assembly Majority staff did a good job, and we had myri of material-- What happened was, my staffer, Sue Kozel, synopsized for me -- because she knows I love bookmarks, and we put most everything in a rpoms form -- came up with this one of two indicatingand I had about of them made.

I said, "Well, we can give them out as we go from place sex chat rooms trenton new jersey place. It really is a wonderful little piece. It's not the end all and the be all, but certainly it is a beginning and a comprehensive beginning. Many of the parents with whom I spoke -- young parents -- did not realize or recognize the danger of the Internet. They had not experienced it, and we don't want them to experience it per se. But we want them to be aware that their children might be experiencing these things without their knowledge.

It's just the sex chat online in deerfield beach way that little magazines were hidden in books, free female sex muscle chat. It's already in your home. You can access it, and no one will know when you're doing your homework that there's something else you're looking at or someone else with whom you're communicating.

And we'll get that information from people who know and have recognized the dangers. I am very pleased, on behalf of the Committee, to american girlfriend brisbane boyfriend all of you here today because of your concerns equaling our concerns, and I would like to invite Congressman Bob Franks and welcome him back -- our former Assemblyman -- to rolms here. And I know that you are proactively involved in this, and I thank you for taking the time to come here and advise us.

F R A N K S: Rose, it's wonderful to be back here in the people's House and to have an opportunity to come in on a subject that I think is a growing concern to parents across America. It's also a delightful opportunity to come back to this particular Committee, in which I had the honor and pleasure of chairing years ago, and seeing so many of my friends on both sides of the aisle. The information superhighway has dramatically changed the way all of us communicate and receive information.

Today, it's hard to find a school, a love a life phone chat toronto, or a business that doesn't have access to the Internet. For our children, the trip to the library to look up information for a homework asment has been replaced by turning on the family computer and surfing the Net. Today, 60 million Americans have access to the Internet.

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And as part of the Telecommunications Act ofa new source ebony chat live funds were identified to generate moneys to bring the Internet to schools and libraries all across America. While the wealth of information that you can quickly find on the Internet continues to amaze me, this extraordinary technology, when put nersey the wrong hands, has a dark and threatening side.

More than a year ago, I brought together law enforcement officials and Internet experts to discuss with parents the risk of cyberspace. They told us that 's natural curiosity when surfing the Sexting usernames snapchat can expose them to real dangers if they come into contact with those sick individuals who prey upon our children.

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Pedophiles are using the Internet male chat meet and befriend our children and in the extreme, as in the case of Jerset Manzie, to stalk victims. The Internet has also become, unfortunately, a billboard to display pornography without regard to whether children are watching. Tragically, unscrupulous individuals have turned to cyberspace to peddle their kiddie porn. And while they're quick to shut down Web sites that contain child pornography nwe to disconnect from chat rooms adults attempting to lure children, much more needs to be done.

Under current law, Internet service providers are not required to report instances of suspected child abuse to law enforcement agencies. In fact, Federal law actually prohibits these service providers from divulging to law enforcement the contents of communications that would indicate criminal activities unless it was obtained inadvertently. In effect, these pedophiles and kiddie porn operators are given free reign to exploit our children roms the Net.

nrw We cannot allow our children's safety to bew jeopardized by the information superhighway. It would require Internet service providers to report any cases of suspected child abuse to law enforcement authorities. This legislation sends a clear al that abusive activities aimed at children will no longer be tolerated on the Internet. In addition to the notification requirement, Internet service providers would be compelled to turn over to law enforcement any evidence they have of suspected criminal behavior that threatens children.

As we discuss this issue, it is important to know that Federal law already requires school teachers, doctors, nurses, social workers, and photographers to contact authorities any time they trenfon someone may be abusing. This legislation would merely extend that obligation to Internet service psychiatrist chat.

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This bill would help to clean up the Net and help to protect our. It would mean that when a parent calls a service provider to complain that their year-old daughter is receiving lewd E-mail messages from an adult male, the service provider would be required to not only contact authorities, but to turn over ndw evidence which could be used to put a criminal behind bars. Importantly, the bill protects service providers from any civil or criminal liability if they, in good faith, contact law enforcement to report suspected child abuse.

The need for this bill was first brought to my attention telugu love messages for girlfriend a year ago by Attorney General Janet Reno in the Department of Justice. The Department of Justice has taken the lead in prosecuting cases of child abuse involving the Internet.

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For a moment, I'd like to turn, Madam Chair, to another issue, another danger that kids face in this information age. In recent years, the Internet has become a very popular marketing tool. Major advertisers are using their Web sites to lure children into providing personal and often sensitive information about themselves and their families, holding out the offer of eex gifts or products. It's important to know that the Internet is not the only way that information about our children is being collected and sold.

Every time a parent s up for a birthday club at a local fast food restaurant or ice cream new texting friend wanted or fills out a warranty card for a new toy or computer, completes a consumer survey at the local supermarket or ansonville swinger party chat line to be included in a school directory, they could inadvertently be putting their child at risk.

The fact grenton that these businesses and institutions routinely sell these lists ne children, which often contain personal, descriptive, sensitive information, to individuals, companies, and organizations who have absolutely nothing to do with the purpose for which parents gave the information about their kids in the first place. Currently, parents have no way of knowing that information about their kids is being bought and sold in the open market, and they are powerless to stop it char they disapprove.

List vendors today sell this information to whoever wants to purchase it. Anyone with a mailing address can contact a list vendor and order a specific list. A buyer might be rrenton the names, addresses, and phone s of all children living in a particular neighborhood or perhaps a sex chat rooms trenton new jersey more detailed list, such as all year-old boys in a suburban rkoms who have trentoj particular kind of video game system.

Chaf the cost of this information is remarkably inexpensive -- just a few pennies a name. The danger of this information winding up in the wrong hands is very real and very frightening. She placed that order under the name of a man by the name of Richard Allen Davis. At the moment that she placed that order and used the name of Richard Allen Davis, that gentleman was on trial in superior court in California for the murder of year-old Oroms Klaas. It would give parents control over the sale of personal information about their children.

This legislation provides important protections for parents and for children. First, it would prohibit the sale of personal information about without a parent's consent. In addition, it would give parents the right to compel list brokers to release to the parents all information that they've compiled about their. The list vendors would also have to turn over to the parents the name of anyone to whom they have distributed this information.

Finally, list vendors would be required to be more diligent in verifying the identity of companies and individuals seeking to buy lists of children. Specifically, the legislation would make it a criminal offense for a list vendor to provide personal information about children to anyone it has reason to believe would use that information to harm. In today's high-tech information age, when access to information about our personal lives is just a phone call or a keystroke away, our children need the very special protection that these bills would offer.

Sex chat rooms trenton new jersey

I look forward to working with this Committee, Madam Chair, and all the State Legislature to make certain we protect our most precious resource -- the children of New Jersey. I thank you for the opportunity to testify this morning.

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Would you like to ask the Congressman any questions? I think we on this Committee like to, again, move in the same direction simultaneously with senior citizen chat room, because our children need protection yesterday. There is and can be no substitute ne parental involvement. They have to be knowledgeable of what abuses can take place, and they have to set down firm ground rules by jeraey their kids will be required to live.

The government cannot do this.

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Without question. And that's why I was surprised, when we put out the bookmarks, that we had young parents surprised that there were problems. So I think it's incumbent upon us holding hearings and presenting bills and your being here to make parents and grandparents and people in general aware of the fact that this is not a minor problem. Latin chat en espanol is a major problem.

And we're going to illustrate that in a minor way today, and that's why the computer is set up tenton to show. Because sometimes we kind of get inundated with so many problems that which one takes priority is the one which gets the most publicity and becomes the soup du jour, and that's why we have to work in these ways of attracting media attention, so that parents and others are made aware.

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Now you're saying you've worked on this a whole year. We here in Trenton were not completely aware of that. The only way we found out was by researching other data to see how hand job message it was. We knew that there might be some access and that there are these strange chat rooms, jerxey we were totally unaware as to the magnitude of the Internet problem.

I was told by Dr.

Sex chat rooms trenton new jersey

Marty Finkel, who Chairs the Governor's Child Abuse Committee over the years -- that he was in Barcelona just a couple of weeks ago testifying on an international level -- that the problem is worldwide and to such a degree that it is absolutely frightening to the well-being of our children internationally. That was something that I was surprised to hear, that they have already accessed experts from the States and from here in New Jersey to go to Spain to speak before sxe international group.

So you are right on track, Bob, as is this Granby girls chat room, in addressing this.

Sex chat rooms trenton new jersey

But we want to do it properly, and the first step is knowledge and communication. But I thank you very much for being here today, because you've added to the importance.

Rose, let me-- Two points quickly. One, this is why Federal legislation, in my judgment, is so important.

Because when an E-mail -- a lewd E-mail deed to solicit is put on the Internet, you don't know the point or the geographic point from which that E-mail has emanated, which is why it's important to move nationally with national guidelines as opposed to state by state. But I do believe there are a of things that the state can chst in addition and would be happy to talk to you about that. Secondly, last night on News 4 at there was a segment on jdrsey issue, and I brought a videocassette for you to leave it with the Committee.

Sex chat rooms trenton new jersey

Thank you. Our next speaker is Freeholder John P. Kelly, from Ocean County.