Prozac Withdrawal Symptoms Cold Turkey!

Prozac withdrawal symptoms cold turkey is very tough. Yet, we can help you go through this phase. In this post, we are addressing these questions? What are Prozac (Fluoxetine) withdrawal symptoms? What is Prozac and how does it work? In fact, Prozac is a neurotransmitter that stops the absorption of Serotonin in brain. Specifically, it does affect the central nervous and can become addictive. Yet, it is successful for depression. There are signs of addictions and jitters, hallucinations, numbness, insomnia, suicidal thoughts, and hallucinations.

So, people used with addictions tend to withdrawal. And taking Prozac can lead to suicidal thoughts. Thus, please keep in touch with your doctor when taking Prozac. Tapering off the dosage is probably the best way to get off any anti-depressant. We don’t recommend getting off an anti-depressant without the advice from a doctor. That makes Prozac withdrawal symptoms cold turkey a tough time.  

However, once addicted you will have some withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are better when you taper the dose down. Anxiety, mood swings, depression, dizziness, fatigue, headache, flu-like symptoms, muscle spasms, nausea and nightmares are included. These can be made more tolerable with over the counter medications and other prescriptions if needed. Consult your doctor about LoperamideImodium, or L-Tyrosine to make your Prozac withdrawal symptoms cold turkey easier.

Tips on Prozac Withdrawal Symptoms Cold Turkey

Withdrawal symptoms of Prozac can be regulated like Opiate withdrawal symptoms. Opiate withdrawals for example can have flu-like symptoms and hot baths and heating pads are good for this. An Epsom Salt bath can really help with anxiety as well which is another symptom. In addition, fatigue and headaches are common and ibuprofen can help with those.  Treat the withdrawals as if you are sick. So, you may be more fatigued and require more sleep at night. That said, prepare yourself for not feeling your best. Prozac withdrawal symptoms cold turkey is a tough time. Yet, with our help, it can be a way easier. Call 24×7 at: 844-284-2133.

  • How Long do Antidepressant Withdrawal Symptoms Last

It is different for everyone. Antidepressant withdrawal symptoms start when the drug is 90% out of your body. Withdrawal from Prozac symptoms start around 5 days as they have a very long half life. Once they start they take about a week to peak. Meaning this week can be a pretty intense week. In fact, Prozac does with the central nervous system and it affects the brain’s chemistry.

At the first week point is where things start to get a little crazy, in particular on day 1. Again, remember you can treat the symptoms as they come up to keep yourself comfortable. At the end of the first week is usually when people start feeling physically better. Prozac withdrawal symptoms cold turkey is getting better as the time goes by. If not, give us a call. And let our skilled stuff take care of your case.  

Withdrawal Timeline

After a week is really when the drug is leaving the system. This is when the onset of the withdrawal starts to happen. To be specific, the first 3 days are going to be the most intense. You should plan accordingly and have the least responsibilities on those days. Next, by week 2 the symptoms are starting to become tolerable. However, depression will most likely start sneaking back into life. This is why being a part of a drug rehab program is helpful. We can monitor your results and adjust things to keep you comfortable.

And, week 3 is where you most emotionally vulnerable. For example, depression and self doubt are all around you in week 3. Thus, support in week 3 is critical. And, by support we don’t just mean your family and friends. We offer support groups and call centers, people are all around that will listen if you need help. There are even suicide hotlines. Reach out to someone if you are in trouble. If Prozac withdrawal symptoms cold turkey does not get better, call us. And let us help you get through.  

Prozac Withdrawal Symptoms Cold Turkey
Tips on Prozac Withdrawal Symptoms Cold Turkey

Self-Medication is Not Recommended!

Prozac withdrawal symptoms cold turkey can be worse than if you taper your doses. However, Prozac is a long half-life and should be watched by a doctor closely. They will be able to recommend the best method of tapering. However, tapering is always recommended with any anti-depressant unless deadly suicidal thoughts are present.

If you are having suicidal thoughts, then stop taking your medication right away and call a doctor. Suicidal thoughts and depression are the purpose of Prozac. If you have the option to tapper the med, this is the way to go. It is always easier on everyone to get you off from a little than trying cold turkey. Prozac Withdrawal symptoms cold turkey can be much worse than if you were to taper the dosage.

Fluoxetine Withdrawal Weight Gain
Facts about Prozac Withdrawal Symptoms Cold Turkey and How to make it easier?

How to Overcome Weight Gain?

Fluoxetine withdrawal weight gain is a common symptom. This is due to the patient being an emotional eater. And the patient’s mood is changing or the stress applies on the body from quitting. In fact, there are many factors of why people gain and lose weight. So, it is important to understand these factors to live a healthy lifestyle. Some are side effects of the medication as well.

When people are happy they don’t eat as much. But, when you are sad you tend to try to fill that void with food. There are many reasons to why you may have gained weight as a withdrawal to Fluoxetine. This is something that you can discuss with your doctor if it’s a concern. Withdrawal symptoms of Prozac could be easier if you are in good hands.  

Withdrawal Symptoms of Prozac
What should you know about Prozac Withdrawal Symptoms Cold Turkey?


Well, not everyone is the same. So, it is important to note that you will experience some discomfort if you have been taking Prozac for a long time. Yet, with our help, going through Prozac withdrawal symptoms cold turkey won’t be that tough. The length of how long you’ve been taking the drug and how much will have a direct affect on the severity of the withdrawals as well as other factors. Withdrawals of Fluoxetine can be different for everyone. It is better to read about what to expect and ask questions than go unprepared. That is also valid if you go through Cymbalta withdrawal, or Lexapro withdrawal.

So, we encourage you to look around at everything out there that will help put your mind at ease. This addiction is not your fault. It is a part of taking this sort of medication. It does happen to some people and not others, for whatever reason.  But, you are here, which is the first step. Understanding you have an addiction.

We are here to help in any way we can. We can offer advice and prepare you for what is ahead. Break out of denial and seek the help you deserve.  If you are using Fluoxetine in a manner that it was not intended, it is most likely time for you to call.

Withdrawal from Prozac can last for many months after. We are always here to help with guidance and support. We make no judgments. Nor do we blame you for anything. Our rehab experts will design a customized  treatment plan for you. So, give us a call. And let us talk about Prozac withdrawal symptoms cold turkey.

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