Morning chat and coffee anyone

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Can you even imagine I might as well have a dog here too just to totally throw me off my game anyway.

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Can you even imagine I might as well have a dog here too just to totally throw me off my game anyway.

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monring Good morning. Thank you for ing us for our second coffee chat here at for my side of the kitchen. Changes around here, I am now being produced by Missus Morgan. So, Kate and Joel got married last weekend no actually almost two weeks ago. Yeah two weeks ago. Wow how time flies when you're old phone sex chats nebraska and it was absolutely wonderful Fabulous day and thank you to everyone that reached out with congratulations and well wishes and comments on the beautiful pictures that we've been able to share so far anyonne by Rene, a lot of photography and more Saul.

Morning chat and coffee anyone

So if you need a photographer, adult chatting aracena fantastic so anyway. If mornimg need a videographer hire me, I'm just kidding. Yeah, you had a pretty sweet videographer. Cbat me again who your videographer was DE media de the media de. So this morning I am drinking out of my fabulous Pauline coffee mug and I'm drinking of course, Country ro coffee, which is what you should be drinking too.

We are back at the farmer's market last week was our first week and we sold.

Morning chat and coffee anyone

You didn't let us down about about It was wonderful, so we'll be back again this week and this week. A good time and we're here to help you do that Grammys says Good morning Missy says Good morning Willa Dean says Good morning good morning. I'm so glad that other people get up early. I'm telling you I was not happy about this morning and Chhat had to do it anyway because we have work to do v chat free lunches to fix grab-and-go lunches here from anynoe until we sell out, but I was tired today.

You seem like you are retired too. I'm always tired in the morning. I am not a morning person. So after the wedding last week and even the beginning of this week, he was talking about how she's just tired. She cannot get caught up on her sleep and I said, Well, yeah, you're married now. Anyyone how it works. You'll now be tired until you're dead. Joel and I are leaving ayone a trip tonight at midnight. Yeah, we're leaving at midnight so I will never catch up on my never-never. Good morning, Joe Chat rooms pakistan and Joe Say good morning.

Oh, so my mother-in-law and my father Joe Yes, Jackie. Good morning, Angie said she was at work at seven. She's but she's watching us.

Morning chat and coffee anyone

Oh well. I've been up for a long time cuz Ryans been leaving Super early and going free adult sex chat in fairfax village work like four or five. I think we ought to and I say okay and I don't really pay attention. So what are we talking about? I don't know what do you wanna talk about?

I wanna talk about we got. Thousand followers on our Facebook A while ago, actually, it's been a while we're at over now, which is crazy, people how many people does the Coliseum probably way more than that. If you have them all in one spot, maybe someday we could fill the Coliseum with all of our Facebook followers and we could do it live coffee chat for real life at the Coliseum Holy crap.

That's a lot of people what you don't even come. I don't like. I don't have no idea so we have talked about the fact that we're gonna do a giveaway because you've all been so Super supportive of our little venture here.

Sunday Morning Coffee Chat: Coronavirus Edition

So we decided that we're gonna take our favorite thing. From here at the shop, right, our favorite things here at the shop and do a basket so it's gonna be and I'm flash chat rooms pick cogfee favorite ones. My favorite ones that we've got your favorites of all the fame all the my favorites of the favorites.

Yeah, my favorites of the favorites my favorite cutting board, My favorite rolling pin my favorite Woodburn spoon my favorite custom hand towel. My favorite maple syrup my favorite. What codfee Do We have s? Oh yes, my favorite. Aadult chat really coftee that one for myself. Yeah my favorite. My favoritewhich one is your favorite song. It's hanging up on the Wall. Oh the big one.

Nothing stops a Coffee Morning

The big one. Yeah go get it. It's my favorite. I hope you love it as well. So I have a dear dear friend and her daughter actually makes the moorning that are here in the shop.

Will it fit on the screen? I don't know free trial sex chat lines hold it right in front of your head, hold it right in front of my head. Yeah, it's not so cute when you watch. This is my favorite. So I'm thinking as I'm sitting here looking at everything that the value of our giveaway is probably gonna be. HM love is patient. That's the thing I remember all the time also something and I've mornjng read this in the Bible.

So if it's in there and I'm not realizing it somebody correct me well, sometimes the. Not a feeling, and if you've ever had children, you understand what I'm talking about that might be my new favorite, saying it so I will choose to love you even when I don't feel it even when when you don't like us.

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Yeah, maybe we should throw a succulent into the basket just so that way they don't die. Oh, I have murdered them. Let's show you my favorite succulents. Are you gonna get up a little dead guy?

Morning chat and coffee anyone

No that's embarrassing. Do that no? Anybody that's. That says that anyone can grow a succulent is free chat no2 wrong. Let's put that there another leaf just fell off of him when I picked him up this right so we we have continued to do our grab and go lunches, which as I've said, we've got those available Monday Wednesday and Friday and you can find them on the menu on our website and on our Facebook.

Of course, you can always text us. us.

Doss and unstoppable, who are theys from Disney, Oh okay, that must have been after you guys were no-I was'. It was I think it was Disney. And Hillary Duff, Oh, I don't remember. What else we're talking about fourth of July the Star Spangled Frazer, so that's gonna get put chat avneue on the website today today so that you can start placing your order for the fourth of July pick up will actually be on Friday, July the third nine to one from nine until one.

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sexchat 321 So we can get out so we can go and be home with our families and celebrate the freedoms that we love here in this country. That's the only thing I'm gonna say about our country right now other than if you want to change the world the home and love moening family. It's own thing. So, Change the subject.

Morning chat and coffee anyone

So it's the meats the cheeses the dips the hummus the fruits the znd the crackers the crackers pretzels the sweets, but it's all texting a guy everyday themed. So if you got one of our liberty grazers, it may look somewhat familiar huh and what we do them again for Labor Day. Yeah and they come in size small through extra large anyobe large so eight by eight nine by by 12 and 19 by 13 and.

To take out on the boat, Oh perfect out on the boat. Whole promotion mornihg grace while you grieve because seriously, we are here in the Midwest and one of the ways that we show that we care is with food and modning know because there's not a single person out there that hasn't had somebody in their life that hasn't passed on people. That's just what you do and I just think morning chat and coffee anyone the perfect thing at the funeral anykne, Beckman family room or at people's houses or whatever.

So did your marketing and PR person? Hour of this gorgeous bamboo shek koo cones and chat room adult manchester naughty bbw we're calling grazie cones and they were the cutest thing in the world. Yeah, it holds two doesn't that holds two dozen.

Super cute They are they're not a bamboo, which is Eco friendly and really chic and so cute and I just absolutely chst them and you have a napkin goes with them. That's literally all you need and you pick your thing up and then nobody else is touching your stuff. If that's a concern that you have right now so perfect for meetings or grad parties or anniversary party.