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Lexapro withdrawal symptoms could be hard. Yet, we can help you go through. In fact, when searching for ways to detox from Opiates at home the Thomas recipe for opiate withdrawal most likely shows its ugly head.  This method is a widely known method of Opiate Detox that is wildly unsafe. However, many addicts feel they cannot afford an option that would cause them to lose work. If this is an issue, please discuss with your doctor. Or Call 24×7 at 844-284-2133.

So, this method is not the only way to cure Lexapro withdrawal symptoms. There may be ways we can help you and not have to miss out on too much work. This is because we care about you and your health. The Thomas recipe for opiate withdrawals is a mixture of over the counter and Benzodiazepine which we will discuss further later. The idea of you trying to withdrawal and work is a bit of a crazy idea. But, we can together come up with some solutions as there are options.  So, give us a call. Let’s discuss what options we have that will allow you to work as much as possible. We offer outpatient rehab treatment as well. 

Using Thomas Recipe to Cure Lexapro Withdrawal Symptoms

So, you are still curious about the Thomas recipe to cure Lexapro withdrawal symptoms. Okay, we will go over what it is actually and under a doctor’s care, it might be a bit of an option. But, change it to your needs and specifications. Keep in mind, that all the ingredients are needed before starting this. So, this list isn’t in a particular order. You will need to get your hands on some Benzodiazepine. This is the only prescription drug that is in the recipe. And, this can be dangerous to mix with Opiates, again, these are chemicals your putting in your body.  

The second thing is Vitamin B6 Caps. All the Vitamin B’s are essential for normal brain functions. These are depleted during opiate use and need to be reinstated. In fact, this helps with the brain to return to the normal brain functions. These Vitamins build the blocks for the brain to heal on its own. The vitamin B caps are all recommended to help with the recovery of the brain’s functions in many treatment Plans. Interested in Opiate Withdrawal treatment?  Call us!

L-Tyrosine (500 mg caps), this can produce dopamine and boost adrenaline levels supposedly. Yet, there is little medical evidence of this. But, this is what it is used for. This is a natural substance but the one things to keep in mind, just because it is a vitamin, doesn’t mean you should take in mass quantities. L-Tyrosine can help with your mood and energy, two things that are very important to keep up to cure the Lexapro withdrawal symptoms.   

Self-Medication is not Recommended!

Imodium helps with diarrhea and other stomach issues. The way it works is by slowing down the digestive system. This will in return allow the body to absorb the water in the system and allow for a less explosive diarrhea. Most recipes we found state that you can take as much as you’d like. But, don’t take it if you don’t need it. Well, we are highly against this. Yes, you can overdose on Imodium. So, please take in recommended quantities and give it time to react. Please call for Opiate withdrawal help. Do not attempt at home.

Multivitamin-can is found at any drug store. Just a good generic multivitamin as your body is going to need to build strong building blocks of repair. This is a strain on the body and with the right vitamins, the body has a faster and better chance of healing properly. We do recommend a multivitamin a day. Be sure this vitamin includes Potassium as that can help with restless leg syndrome and cramps. Potassium is actually a good one to get in addition to the multivitamin or ensure that the multi has a good high amount.

Lexapro Withdrawal Symptoms
Tips on Lexapro Withdrawal Symptoms


Clinical Opiate withdrawal scale

Access to a hot bath, hot tub or at the very least a hot shower. This can do wonders to cure Lexapro withdrawal symptoms. It will help aid in the aches, pains, cramps and such. So, this will be your best friend. Epsom Salts are another thing we do recommend as patients have seen a difference after a hot soak in a hot Epsom Salts bath. Although there is very little studies on this, it is inexpensive and has show results for others. That is a good way to naturally cure Lexapro withdrawal symptoms. Give us a call for more information.

While using the Thomas Recipe under the supervision of medical care we use a sheet called the “COWS" Sheet. That is one of the tools rehab experts utilize to relief Lexapro withdrawal symptoms. This is used to determine the level of withdrawals you are experiencing and what we need to do to help get you through. So, the assessment is a series of questions related to how you feel. Please be as honest as possible so that we can understand what we need to take action on.

You will not feel well and will be irritable and we understand this. The Cows is a scale that we can judge where you are at with the withdrawal as well. If you are passing phase one or skipping to phase 3. Regardless which withdrawal you are going through, this tool is your friend. It does help as well if you go through Cymbalta withdrawal, or Effexor withdrawal.

Lexapro Withdrawal Timeline
Your Guide about Lexapro Withdrawal Symptoms


Withdrawal Timeline

Okay, so you have all the above about Lexapro withdrawal symptoms. The Thomas recipe is a method to detox for opiate withdrawals. Yet, it is not advised but is more of an at-home treatment. Start with the vitamins with food. As soon as you can keep something down, start taking the vitamins. The potassium will help with cramps and restless leg syndrome. In addition, you should honor the Lexapro withdrawal timeline.

Take a Valium or whatever Benzo you have. And take enough to produce sleep, and be sure you know what a safe amount is to take and how often. The goal is to get you to sleep through the first 3 days of withdrawal.  These are the worst days and if we can induce sleep and relaxation, it is better on the patient. You may need to check more articles about Lexapro withdrawal timeline. Here is what you should expect on day 1, day 2 and day 3.  

On day four you will wake up and taper off the Benzo. We don’t want to make another addiction from a drug we are using to get you off of Opiates. This will then be the worst of it. In fact, day 3 is the worst but you were under Valium, day 4 will have a full withdrawal.  So, you will have flu like symptoms, an upset stomach, restless leg, sweats and more. Continue to take your vitamins and L-Tyrosine if it’s helping. Take Imodium and hot baths often as as needed.


Lexapro withdrawal symptoms could be tough. However, we can help you at Opiate Withdrawal Academy. Self-medication at home is not recommended. Life is too short to try Lexapro withdrawals on your own. Give us a call. Our skilled rehab staff will be more than happy to help you. They are well-trained to individually study your case and design your treatment program accordingly. So, feel free to reach out. You won’t regret you did. Let us help you cure your Lexapro withdrawal symptoms.

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