How Long do Zoloft Side Effects Last is Answered!

How long do Zoloft side effects last? That becomes a popular question. Opiate Withdrawal Stage 2 is the next steps.  This usually starts at Day 6, your stage 1 phase lasted about 5 days and peaks at day 3.  However, you’re in less pain in stage 2, meaning the flu symptoms are less obvious.  The body aches are getting better.  But, now your body is trying to flush out the rest of the chemicals. Although this stage is not pleasant as well, you are through the thick of it.  This stage you will still feel some pain and again, we are happy to assist and make it the best we can.  Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms are something that everyone has to endure to get their life back. 

We are just happy to be here to make it easier.  During this phase your body is angry at you.  You will mostly have stomach issues as it tries to continue to clear it out the system of the residual drugs.

Guide on How Long do Zoloft Side Effects Last

Getting the opiates out is basically Stage 2.  This stage can last up to 2 weeks and will be mostly an upset stomach and digestive system.  The digestive systems is trying to get back to normal.  This stage is very hard to eat but try to eat light things.  Keeping up your strength is very important.   This is where your stomach and digestive system seems to be going on strike.  The good thing is there are medications like Imodium that can help.  We have many medications that will help with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.  This is good news, this doesn’t have to be so hard.  There are over the counter medication that can help as well as prescription medication.  Please do not attempt this at home.  

  • Phase 2 of the Opiate WITHDRAWAL

Phase 2 of the Opiate withdrawal is actually the easiest part of the withdrawal process for most people. The worst is phase 1 but once that is over you feel accomplished.  This is a good time to pat yourself on the back, you made it through phase 1, which is the worst of them.  Now, phase 2 has it’s issues as well.  However, many can be controlled with the help of medication, diet and exercise.  This phase may last up to 2 weeks or longer depending on your body and it’s levels.  This is when if you can try to eat healthy and drink plenty of water to flush out the system.

  • Symptoms to Expect in Phase 2

Other symptoms to expect in phase 2 are chills, fever, loss of appetite and chills.  These are by no means a wonderful experience to go through, they aren’t as powerful at this level as phase 1.  You’ve made it through Phase 1, Phase 2 will be a cake walk.  This is a phase that you are proud or should be proud of yourself for making it to Phase 2.  Some other things are dilated pupils, leg cramps and chills.  For leg cramps or muscle spasms can be pretty intense.  There are some natural treatments that we recommend during this phase to help.  That is if you can keep things down. 

Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms can be painful.  These happen often during the opiate withdrawal phases due to dehydration.  But, what are muscle spasms?  These are spasms that are done involuntarily cramp up.  This can happen all over the body but in most cases it’s common to find in the limbs of the legs and arms.  This is when a muscle will tighten up and not allow your body to voluntarily relax it.   Although there are medications for this.  We also have some natural things that seem to help as well.  

Stay hydrated is the number one.  This method not only demand water, but try using a sports drink as well.  The muscles and contract due to the body not having enough magnesium or potassium.  Low potassium is one of the major causes.  This can occur from the body withdrawing from Opiates and vomiting.  Low Potassium can cause charlie horses in the middle of the night.  Add to high blood pressure and tiredness.  

Staying active.  Staying active will help with muscle spasms and restless legs.  Both of these are very common in Phase 2 of Opiate withdrawal.  And, it is important that you take note of your new healthy lifestyle in this phase as well.  Eating as well as you can and exercising will help keep you fit and your muscles working.  This will help them not have as much build up of the drugs in them as well.  So get out and go for a walk. That makes it easier for you to wean off Zoloft.  

How Long do Zoloft Side Effects Last
Tips on How Long do Zoloft Side Effects Last

Tips to Make your Withdrawal Easier

Ice packs and heat will be your best friends as well.  As you go through the different phases of the withdrawal process you will use an ice pack and heating pad often.  This could be for a variety of reasons. The ice and heat will certainly help with the leg cramps and muscles aches and pains.  As the muscles contract uncontrollably this could cause harm in the bone structure such as your back.  Ice is the best method to treat aching bones.  Heat is best for muscle issues.  This is a very common thing.  And, this involves not keeping anything down or adding more medications.  

Epson salt is naturally high in Magnesium.  Taking a bath in it can have that magnesium soak right into the skin and help sooth those made at your muscles.  And, a nice hot bath will help with so many other things of Opiate withdrawal.  It is a nice way to relax.  Adding heat to your sore aching body is a great way to let it go.  Epson Salts also have a quality of drawing out toxins in the body.  So, this method of soothing is nothing but wins.  Toxins are built up over time with the years of drug use.   A nice hot bath was just what the doctor ordered.  Getting these toxins out will make you feel amazing.  Give us a call and we are happy to help with this as well. That is all you need to know about how long do Zoloft side effects last.  

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