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Aims-ace ; a small amount, quantity, or distance. Applied in the following way very generally free chat no2 Munster:—'He was within an aim's-ace of being drowned' very near. A survival in Ireland of the old Shakesperian word ambs-ace, meaning two aces or two single points in throwing dice, the smallest possible throw. Air: a visitor comes in:—'Won't you sit down Joe lline take an air of the fire.

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Aims-ace ; a small amount, quantity, or distance. Applied in the following way very generally in Munster:—'He was within an aim's-ace of being drowned' very near.

A survival in Ireland of the old Gardena discrete chat word ambs-ace, meaning two tree or two single points in throwing dice, the smallest possible throw. Air: a visitor comes in:—'Won't you sit down Joe and take an air of the fire. Airt used in Ulster and Scotland for a single point of the compass:— 'Of a' the airts the wind can blaw I dearly like the west.

Same as Scotch eerie.

Free phone chat line dallog

A survival lien the old Irish pagan belief that air-demons were the most malignant of all supernatural beings: see Joyce's 'Old Celtic Romances,' p. Alanna ; my child: vocative case of Irish leanbh [lannav]. Allow; admit. To advise or recommend: 'I would not allow you to go by that road' 'I would not recommend'. All to; means except:—'I've sold my sheep all to six,' i. Along of; on of.

Free phone chat line dallog

Why did you keep me waiting [at night] so long at the door, Pat? Alpeen, a stick or hand-wattle with a knob at the lower end: diminutive of Irish alpa knob.

Free phone chat line dallog

Sometimes called a clehalpeen: where cleh is the Irish cleath dalog stick. Clehalpeen, a knobbed cudgel. Amadauna fool man or boya half-fool, a foolish person. Amplush, a fix, a difficulty: he was in a great amplush. North and South. Walsh in Dub. Amshagh; a sudden hurt, an accident.

Free phone chat line dallog

Ang-ishore ; a poor miserable creature—man or woman. Chiefly South. Any is used for no in no more in parts of West and North-west. Aree often used after ochone alas in Donegal and fdee.

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Aree gives the exact pronunciation of a Righand neimhe heaven is understood. In Limerick commonly shortened to aroo. From the same root comes the next word, the diminutive form— Askeen; land made by cutting away bog, which generally remains more or less watery. Reilly: Kildare. Asthore, a term of endearment, 'my treasure. Athurt; to confront:—'Oh well I will athurt him sex women chat that lie he told about me.

Possibly a mispronunciation of athwart.

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Baan: a field covered with phhone grass:—'A baan field': 'a baan of cows': i. Back; a faction: 'I have a good back in the country, so I defy my enemies. Bails or bales, frames made of perpendicular wooden bars in which cows are fastened for the night in the stable. Baithershin; may be so, perhaps. Ballowr Bal-yore in Ulster ; to bellow, roar, bawl, talk pine and coarsely.

Ballyhooly, a village near Fermoy in Cork, formerly notorious for its faction fights, so that it has passed into a proverb.

A man is late coming home and expects Ballyhooly from his wife, i. Kearney, and expects Ballyhooly from her the first time he meets her. Limerick, Banagher and Ballinasloe, Bannalanna: a woman who sells ale over the counter. Irish bean-na-leanna, 'woman of the ale,' 'ale-woman' leann, ale. Ballyrag; to give loud abuse in torrents. Bandle; a fref measure for home-made flannel. Bang-up; a frieze overcoat with high collar and long cape. Barcelona; a silk kerchief for the neck:— 'His clothes spick and span new without e'er a speck; A neat Barcelona tied round his white neck.

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Barsa, barsaun; a scold. Irish beart. Now generally frwe to the green field near the homestead where the cows are brought to be milked.

Free phone chat line dallog

Bawneen; a loose whitish jacket of home-made undyed flannel worn by men at out-door work. Very general: banyan in Derry. Bawnoge; a dalllog. MacCall: Leinster. Bawshill, a fetch or double. See Fetch. MacCall: S. I think this is a derivative of Bow, which see. Beestings; new milk from a cow that has just calved. Be-knownst; known: unbe-knownst; unknown. Leinster and Munster.

See Jingle. Binnen; the rope tying a cow to a stake in a field. Knowles: Ulster.

Free phone chat line dallog

Birragh; a muzzle-band with spikes on a calf's sex chat for women a foal's muzzle to prevent it sucking its mother. From Irish bir, a sharp spit: birragh, full of sharp points or spits. Munster: see Gubbaun. The members of one of the secret societies of a century ago were called 'Ribbonmen.

Black man; the man who accompanies a suitor to the house of the intended father-in-law, to help to make the match. Black swop. When two fellows have two wretched articles—such as two old penknives—each thinking his own to be the worst in the universe, they sometimes agree for the pure humour of the thing to make a black swop, i.

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When they are looked at after the oine, there is always great fun. See Hool. Blarney; smooth, plausible, cajoling talk. From Blarney Castle near Cork, in which there is a certain stone hard to reach, with this virtue, that if a person kisses it, he will be endowed chqt the gift of blarney. Blast; when suddenly fades in health and pines away, he has got a blast,—i. Blast when applied to fruit or crops means a blight in the ordinary sense—nothing supernatural.

Blather, bladdher; a person who utters vulgarly foolish boastful afro chat used also as a verb—to blather. Hence blatherumskite, applied to brasil chat person or to his talk in much the same sense; 'I never heard such a blatherumskite.

Why are you in such a blazing hurry? Jack ran away like blazes: now daallog at that job like blazes: he is blazing drunk. In coming to an agreement take care dalolg don't make 'Blind Billy's Bargain,' by either overreaching yourself or allowing the other party to overreach you. Blind lane; a lane stopped up at one end.

Free phone chat line dallog

Blind window; an old window stopped up, but still plain to be seen. Blink; to exercise an evil influence by a glance of the 'evil eye'; to 'overlook'; hence 'blinked,' blighted by the eye. When the butter does not come in churning, the milk has been blinked by some one. Blirt; to weep: as a noun, a rainy wind.

Free phone chat line dallog

Blob blab often in Ulstera raised blister: a drop of honey, or of anything liquid. Blue look-out; a bad look-out, bad prospect. Boal or bole; a shelved recess in a room. Boarhaun; dried cowdung used for fuel like turf. From the fact that so many beggars are lame or pretend to be lame, boccach has come to mean a beggar. Irish bacach, a lame person: from bac, to halt.

Bockady, another form of boccach in Munster.

English as we speak it in Ireland/XIII Oaklynn naked teen

Bockeen the diminutive added on to bacanother form heard in Mayo. Boddagh [accented on 2nd syll. Tom Cuddihy wouldn't bear insult from any purse-proud old boddagh. Body-glass; a large mirror in which the whole body can be seen.