Effexor Withdrawal Symptoms Treatment: 95% Success Rate!

Effexor withdrawal symptoms treatment using over-the-counter remedies is getting more popular. So, opiate withdrawal remedies over the counter come in a variety of ways.  The withdrawal symptoms can be hard to get through.  And, they can get pretty uncomfortable.  We are here to help assist with that.  We are in an age that there is an epidemic of Opiate abuse stemming from mostly painkillers.  This is causing people that normally wouldn’t have drug issues to become addicted.  These drugs are very common for people with minor or major surgeries.  Or maybe you broke a bone and need pain relief.

That being said, it is not always your fault. We understand that. At Opiate Withdrawal Academy, we make no judgments. Our staff is happy to help. Call 24×7 at 844-284-2133. You won’t regret you did.

Opiates are the number one prescribed painkiller in the US for years.  This is the cause of the epidemic.  The more opiates one has used in the past also predicts how much it will take the next time there is a pain issue.  Thus, there is an increase of dosage and more dependency than the 1st time. This cycle continues and we have an addict on our hands.  An addiction can be slowly and harmlessly but turn into a problem.  Addiction treatment centers are your only way for hope.  Do not attempt to detox from home.

Academy Guide on Effexor Withdrawal Symptoms Treatment

  • Opiate Withdrawal remedies over the counter

Effexor withdrawal symptoms treatment is much easier nowadays. Thanks to opiate withdrawal remedies over the counter, you can recover soon. Yet, we have patients think that it is safe and easy to do from home.  Trying at home alone is the fastest way to failure and should not be attempted.  You can overdose easily at home.  We highly do not recommend this for your safety. We give the same recommendation no matter what you go through. That is applicable to  Cymbalta withdrawal, Lexapro withdrawal, or Bupropion withdrawal.

Some of the withdrawal remedies over the counter are things like Imodium AD, Advil, Tylenol and Vitamins can help.  Something as simple as Epson Salt baths can help.  But, while done under the supervision of a doctor and support staff. So, our highly recommendation is to give us a call now. And let our rehab experts walk you through the whole process. We accept most of the health insurance types.  

Consumers use these over-the-counter remedies to alleviate some of the withdrawal symptoms such as upset stomach, diarrhea, aching joints, pain, headaches, nausea, vomiting, flu symptoms and more.  As the body starts to withdrawal, it goes through an entire stage of symptoms.  Starting with the hardest hit in the beginning.  Meaning, the symptoms are the worst during day 1.  At this point, life will get very physically tough but you can do it and we will have a plan in place to help.  

Effexor Withdrawal Symptoms Treatment
Guide on Effexor Withdrawal Symptoms Treatment

Get Ready for the Withdrawal Process!

Ultimately, you are the one who starts the Effexor withdrawal symptoms treatment. As these withdrawal symptoms come up, prepare yourself for battle. Thus, beforehand have everything on hand that we discuss when we are working up your plan.  Imodium is a form of Opiates. However, it is a totally different kind.  Just in case you research it and find this.  Our job is to keep you safe and not get you addicted to the next drug. So, please keep that in mind during our Effexor withdrawal symptoms treatment.  Imodium for withdrawal is very unlikely to cause any addiction. But it slows down the digestive tract to help with digestion and diarrhea. This will be one key component to help make you more comfortable from the beginning.  This is one of the most popular Effexor withdrawal symptoms treatment. But let us phone for more information.

Another key element that is over the counter and really doesn’t add more chemicals.  Epson Salt Baths.  These baths have not had a bunch of medical studies done.  However, they do help with relaxation and aches and pains.  The salt contains magnesium that can be absorbed through the skin in theory. However, experts have not proven that yet. 

But, we have seen great results for relieving the aches and pains that come along with the withdrawal of opiates.  You could even use bath bombs with a scent that would relax.  However, remember that the withdrawal of anxiety is pretty high. Thus, anything you can prepare to relax will help.  Some people use essential oils to relax. Withdrawals from Opiates can get pretty stressful. We make your Effexor withdrawal symptoms treatment easier. Reach out to our experts at 844-284-2133.

Opiate Withdrawal Remedies using Thomas Recipe

  • What is the Thomas Recipe? 

Using Thomas Recipe for Effexor withdrawal symptoms treatment is very popular. It is a benzo, Imodium, L-Tyrosine, a strong and widespread vitamin, vitamin B6, Hot baths or showers, and start to taper the dose of your opiates.  Again, this is for information only and is not to be done.  In fact, everything in the Recipe is over the counter except the Benzo’s.  People do this or try this because they cannot afford to take time off to detox.  However, most fail and worse yet, some die.  

Opiate withdrawal remedies using Thomas recipe is when you use benzodiazepine and over the counter medications. So, when searching the term Thomas Recipe, you will most likely find this as an at-home remedy for Opiate withdrawal.  In short, there is no absolute at home opiate withdrawal remedy that we would ever recommend.  This is due to the high rate of overdoses and medicine interactions.  This can cause death. 

We are not stating this to scare you but to plead with you to save your life and go to a drug treatment facility. So, we will help you find the right treatment facility for you if ours doesn’t offer a good match.  As we feel this is a serious matter and do not want anyone doing this alone.  You need to seek Effexor withdrawal symptoms treatment that is right for you.

Thomas Recipe is out there.  We know it. Ultimately, it uses the benzodiazepine for anxiety and to help you sleep through the worst of the withdrawal.  However, you can have a chemical reaction to benzodiazepine which is deadly. So, everything is done in amounts or doses.  Thus, doctors have to prescribe a benzodiazepine.  

Withdrawal from Effexor
Tips on Effexor Withdrawal Symptoms Treatment

Opiate Withdrawal Cause Heart Palpitations

Can opiate withdrawal cause heart palpitations?  Yes, in fact, this is one of the more common complaints of patients. Briefly, heart palpitations are flutters of the heart, irregular heartbeat, skipped beats, etc.  This is due to the confused nervous system.  Your nervous system has been dependent on the drug for some long that it will take time for it to find it’s “normal" again.  It is basically anything that is not a normal heartbeat, the speed and pounding can change as well.  The signals to and from the brain and body components have been compromised. 

Long term opiate use can cause heart damage. And, you should visit a doctor to decrease your risks.  As a person going through a withdrawal you should be closely monitored.  Opiate withdrawal cause heart palpitations. Therefore, do not take high risks. Effexor withdrawal symptoms treatment could be dangerous at home.

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