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It All Begins with Jennie "Tragedy always leaves a psychic scar upon a site, and there is nothing so heart-rending as the death of a beloved. At first glance the famous quote appears humorous, motivating and encouraging the reader to live a life filled with good deeds. But there is a darker side to the quote that reveals a resentment Sam Chat tatoo held for the occupation of undertakers -- men who made char living by taking advantage of sorrow.

This was a view he formulated in when he lived in the territory of Nevada and a view that he would continually express throughout his lifetime.

Louis, Missouri on July 18, enroute to the territory of Nevada. Abraham Lincoln had been inaugurated as president of the United States on March 4, and Orion, who had actively campaigned for Lincoln had received a political appointment as secretary of Nevada territory. Sam had been a Mississippi steamboat pilot until the Civil War broke out a few months earlier and closed down commerce and travel on the great river.

Sam had agreed to pay chat porno couples travel passage for them both from Missouri to Nevada when Orion promised to make Sam his personal secretary -- an unfunded position. At St. Joseph they boarded a stagecoach headed for Carson City, seventeen hundred miles west. Orion was leaving behind a string of unprofitable jobs as a newspaper editor, publisher and printer in Missouri and Iowa in hopes of finally finding a meaningful occupation in government service in Nevada territory.

The request for a salary advance was denied and it would be October before Mollie and Jennie would make the trip to Nevada and reunite the family. At the first territorial legislative session inthe legislators passed a law enabling Orion to collect fees for providing certified documents, copies of laws, and filing certificates of incorporation. Best in room massage greenville added income enabled Orion to erect one of the finest homes in Carson City at the corner of Spear and Division street.

Orion furnished the home with walnut furniture, a grand piano, and a special little rocking chair for Jennie. The home soon became a social center for the town as Mollie became a well-loved and popular hostess. Kent Rasmussen, Jennie worked to raise money to buy the church a Bible for the pulpit. By all s she was bright and loved to read the family Bible. She told Mollie she often prayed at school for assistance when she had difficulties.

Her parents told friends that Jennie had read Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. Family friend and newspaper reporter Dan DeQuille, a frequent visitor in Orion's home, told of Jennie's joy of reading: I was amused by a little daughter of his who was turning over the leaves of a work on geography, suddenly starting up and exclaiming gleefully, -- 'Good, good!

I have found it! I've found it at last! He looked and read under a picture, 'Cod Fishing off New Foundland. The book is now in the Kevin Mac Donnell collection. Photos courtesy of Kevin Mac Donnell. Unable to strike it rich, in August Sam accepted a position as a reporter for the Territorial Enterprise in Virginia Carson city and chat just friends, about fifteen miles northeast of Carson City.

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When the second territorial legislature convened in NovemberSam traveled to Carson City as a reporter covering the proceedings and lodged with Orion, Mollie and Jennie. When he wasn't reporting on the territorial legislature, Sam Clemens wrote local news stories about Virginia City and Carson City.

When there wasn't a lot of news to be found, Sam Clemens manufactured it. Gold mines, massacres, and petrified men were only a few of the topics and hoaxes he wrote about. Descriptions and good-natured jokes related to undertakers were common.

When John Van Buren Perry was elected City Marshall of Virginia City in the spring ofSam wrote about the size of his wooden shoes: Induring a great leather famine, many people were obliged to wear wooden shoes, and Mr. Perry, for the sake of economy, transferred his boot-making patronage from the tan-yard which had before enjoyed his custom, to an undertaker's establishment -- that is to say, he wore coffins "City Marshall Perry," Territorial Enterprise, March 3, In August he visited the curative hot mineral waters at Steamboat Springs near Virginia City, known for their medicinal properties.

He described miners who visited the springs hoping for a cure: More than two-thirds of the people who come here are afflicted with venereal diseases -- fellows who know that free chat rooms charlotte "Steamboat" fails with them they may as well go to trading feet with the undertaker for a box -- yet all here agree that these baths are none the less potent where other diseases are concerned "Letter from Mark Twain," Territorial Enterprise, August 25, Sam spent time in Orion's home over the next year, sometimes walking the distance from Virginia City to Carson City, and writing up local news reports as Nevada transformed itself from a territory into a state.

Carson city and chat just friends

When the constitutional convention was in session from November to December Sam was again on hand to report the proceedings. With his texting advice for guys Orion installed as secretary of Nevada territory, Sam's unmatchable writing skills, and his position writing for the most influential paper in Nevada, Sam Clemens wielded considerable influence.

Sam's official biographer Albert Bigelow Paine claimed that Clty "could control more votes than any legislative member, and with his friends He used his influence to aid causes that were special to Orion and his family. On December 5 he reported on the fund raising activities for the new church in Carson Citya cause that was dear to Mollie and Jennie.

In a report published in the Territorial Enterprise frisnds dated January 14, Sam lobbied the territorial legislators to continue their funding for friemds school. No doubt, little Jennie was in attendance the day her uncle Sam visited and took much delight in later reading his playful newspaper report which described her classmates' activities that day.

The article titled "Miss Clapp's School" contains numerous parallels to the descriptions of students and classrooms Clemens would later employ in his novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. On January 27, Sam Clemens delivered one of his chta public speeches at the Carson City courthouse. Sam wrote about the speech the next day for a report published in the Territorial Enterprise.

On January 29, eight-year-old Jennie was stricken with spotted fever. In her jkst she repeated the Lord's Prayer while Sam, Orion and Mollie kept carson city and chat just friends at her bedside. Jennie, an only child, died at 6 PM on February monton chat, Jennie was buried friebds 10 AM on February 3 and the territorial legislature adjourned to attend the funeral.

Older women phone chat news of Jennie's death reached her grandmother Jane Clemens, Jane wrote to Mollie and Orion, "Jennie was juet uncommon smart child she was a very handsome child but I never thought you would raise her, she was a heaven born child, she was two [sic] good for this world" Fanning, carrson. Several years later Mollie would chastise herself writing, "I know it is best she were taken.

I was not fit to bring chta up" Fanning, p. Philip Fanning, Orion's biographer justt described Jennie's death as horny women for late night chats "al event" in the lives of the family -- an event that has been largely overlooked by biographers. Jennie's death spelled the end of cchat way of life Orion and Mollie had come to love -- the couple remained childless thereafter and Orion's political career declined into nothingness.

Jennie's uncle Sam Clemens would grieve in his own way and take from Jennie's death a particular view of undertakers that would permeate through his stories, books and letters as Mark Twain lashed out at the men who turned a profit from sorrow and death. Photo courtesy of Bob Wilkie, randomnevadablogspot. Jennie's grave continues to be maintained by local residents.

Wright was born in Syracuse, New York April 3, and had gone west as a young man, settling first in Downieville, California. He relocated to Carson City in the early s. Embalming practices were not widely practiced until after the Civil War and at the time of Jennie's death the process of burial would have included building a coffin, transporting the body, and a providing a burial location.

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The census for Carson City lists the occupation of S. Wright, not as an undertaker, but as a "er" -- a carpentry trade.

Carson city and chat just friends

Also living in the same household with Nad in was David Riley, a cabinet maker. In the census crason Carson City, Wright was listing his occupation as a carpenter. Wright Undertaker was found in the attic of a home in Carson City, Nevada which was being torn down in the s. It is now in the Nevada State Museum. He also took aim at a local newspaper, the Carson City Independent for tolerating the practices of the undertaker without complaint.

In an item titled "Concerning Undertakers" he wrote: There is a system of extortion going on here which is absolutely terrific, and I wonder the Carson Independent has never ventilated the subject. There seems to be only one undertaker in the town, and he owns the only graveyard in which it is at all high-toned or aristocratic to be buried. Consequently, when a man loses his wife or his friehds, or his mother, this undertaker makes ciyy sweat for it.

I appeal to those whose firesides death has made desolate during the few fatal weeks just masterbation chat, if I am not speaking the truth. Does not this undertaker take advantage of that unfortunate delicacy which prevents a man from disputing kerala chat room unjust bill for services rendered in burying the dead, to extort ten-fold more than his labors are worth?

Carson city and chat just friends

I have conversed with a good many citizens on this subject, and they all say the same thing: that they know it is wrong that a man should be unmercifully fleeced under such circumstances, but, according to the solemn etiquette above referred to, he cannot help himself. All that sounds very absurd to me. I have a human distaste for death, as applied to myself, but I see nothing very solemn about it as applied to anybody -- it is more to be dreaded than a birth or a marriage, perhaps, but it is really not as solemn a matter as either of these, when you come to take a rational, practical chwt of the case.

Therefore I would prefer to know that an undertaker's bill was a just one before I paid it; and I would rather see it go clear to the Supreme Court of the United States, if I could afford the luxury, than pay it if it were distinguished for its unjustness. A great many people in the world do not think as I san francisco milfs chat about these things.

But I care nothing for that. The knowledge that Friiends am right is sufficient for me. This undertaker charges a hundred and fifty dollars for a pine coffin that cost him twenty or thirty, and fifty dollars for a grave that did not cost him ten -- and this at a time when his ghastly services are required at least seven times a week.

Carson city and chat just friends

cith I gather these facts from some of the best citizens of Carson, and I can publish their names at any moment if you anr them. What Carson needs is a few more undertakers - there is vacant land enough here for a thousand cemeteries. No records have been found that indicate the cost of Jennie's funeral was a financial burden on the family but in all likelihood that may have been the case and the source of Clemens's indignation.

Dems push back

There is no surviving record that indicates Samuel Jist. Wright ever responded to Clemens's charges in a public manner. However, the Carson City Independent newspaper did step forward to defend their paper the following day in an editorial.

Carson city and chat just friends

As yet we have had no occasion for a coffin or a bit of ground for cchat purposes, and therefore know nothing about the price of such things. If any of our citizens think they have been imposed upon in this particular, it is their duty to ventilate the matter. We have heard no complaints.

Carson city and chat just friends

Where chqt you get your notion of the duties of carsson journalist from? Any editor in the world will say it is your duty to ferret out these abuses, and your duty to correct them. What couples sex chat in myselim you paid for? Are you paid to know nothing, and keep on writing about it every day?

How long do you suppose such a jack-legged newspaper as yours would be supported or tolerated in Carson, if you had a rival no larger than a foolscap sheet, but with something in it, and whose editor would know, or at least have energy enough to find out, whether a neighboring paper abused one of the citizens justly or unjustly?

That varson which I have copied, seems to mean one thing, while in reality it means another.

Carson city and chat just friends

It's true translation is, for instance: "Our name is Independent -- that is, in different phrase, Opinionless.