Bupropion Withdrawal Symptoms A Comprehensive view For You!

Bupropion Withdrawal Symptoms A Comprehensive view of what occurs. And, health experts use Bupropion to treat depression and help quit smoking.  A drug name is Wellbutrin or Zyban. But the generic name is Bupropion.  The withdrawal symptoms of Bupropion can be very widespread, like any of the other antidepressants but usually aren’t life-threatening.  An abrupt stop of the medication can cause Anxiety, Depression, Sleeping issues, irritable mood, headaches and generalized aches and pains.  A hot bath is always a good go to in our book to help with the pain of withdrawals from Opiates to the withdrawals of Bupropion. Give us a call at 844-284-2133.

Despite its therapeutic potential, some people abuse it because of its stimulant properties.  Wellbutrin has similar properties to that of Cocaine.  So, people tend to misuse it as a street like drug as well as the Opiates to Heroine. It will heighten your feeling of euphoria when crushed and snorted. The withdrawal timeline for Bupropion can be a few weeks to a few days.  After 4 days, 99% of the drug is out of your system. Read more about Bupropion Withdrawal Symptoms A Comprehensive View. 

At the 90% range is where the withdrawals can start.  When stopping abruptly, these symptoms can be slightly uncomfortable but nothing like Opiate withdrawal and generally can be done on your own.  If you are using Bupropion for the smoking sensation suppression, then there is really no need for a psychologist.  However, if you take the medication for depression, you should never stop a medication like that without a doctor’s approval.

Guide on: Bupropion Withdrawal Symptoms A Comprehensive View  

  • What is Bupropion used for?

Rehab experts prescribe it as an antidepressant and to aid to stop smoking cigarettes.  The ability for it to stop you from smoking cigarettes is a side effect of the drug that was found later.  It has been quite successful at stopping people from smoking.  And, it helps aid in the urge of needing the nicotine while keeping the patients in good spirits.  It is taken for a set number of days and with a plan to quit smoking. In fact, there are support groups and placed you can call should you need to have support.  Quitting smoking is similar to a drug withdrawal.  The urges are very strong, anxiety and mood swings are great. 

The physical issues with feeling like having the flu is not such an issue.  However, once the patient has quit smoking, they will have a large cold-like sensation for a few weeks.  This is due to the sinuses and lungs clearing themselves out and healing from being bombarded with smoke and toxins.  In addition, physicians recommend to drink loads of water during this time to help flush the system of nicotine.  Bupropion takes away the urge to need the nicotine, however, the habits are still there.

Bupropion Withdrawal Symptoms A Comprehensive View
Tips on Bupropion Withdrawal Symptoms A Comprehensive View

Withdrawal Symptoms List

Bupropion Withdrawal Symptoms A Comprehensive View of the symptoms. It could differ from one person to the other. Generally, these are the symptoms if you go through Cymbalta withdrawal, Prozac withdrawal, or Lexapro withdrawal.

  1. Irritability-Yes, you will be more irritable than normal.  You won’t feel the best, so this is a natural reaction.  
  2. Headaches-this can be controlled by over the counter medications.
  3. Dizziness-A sense of dizzy and flightiness can happen when chemicals are removed from the brain.  Especially if it is abruptly.  
  4. Anxiety or Depression is the most common from many drugs.  This starts the mood swings and feeds the other side effects.  Try to stay as stress-free as possible.  Take a hot bath, go for a walk, distract yourself when you start to feel anxious.
  5. Suicidal thoughts-if this occurs please reach out to someone.  Even give us a call.  There are suicidal helplines, friends, whoever, this is not an option and not healthy thoughts.
  6. Hostility and Aggression – This can be caused by the anxiety as well.  It’s all in one body trying to figure out chemically what is going happening.
  7. Difficult tolerating heat-It seems that the heat can be overpowering.
  8. Excessive sweating-While the body finds it’s balance this can be its way of getting out the drugs in the system.  Keep your chin up, this is temporary.
  9. Problems with balance-well, there is dizziness above and headaches so your balance could definitely get off.
  10. Digestive issues-we have talked about this quite a bit and Imodium is a great way to control this.  This is your body trying to rid itself of damaging drugs.
Bupropion Withdrawal Symptoms
Guide on Bupropion Withdrawal Symptoms A Comprehensive View

Wellbutrin Withdrawal: How Long?

Withdrawal symptoms are different for every patient.  However, they can last from a few days to a few weeks.  And, the onset of them seems to be all over a bit.  It typically starts when the drug is at 90% out of your system and at 4 days it’s 99%. However, there have been reports of people stopping abruptly to have the start of symptoms in just a few days. 

Can Wellbutrin Help With Cymbalta Withdrawal?

Can Wellbutrin help with Cymbalta withdrawal?  Well, this is different for everyone but sometimes it can. And, sometimes it causes just more problems.  Cymbalta and Wellbutrin do not act the same on the brain and therefore is not a drug that takes over where the other left off, if that makes sense.  As with all antidepressants, you should not simply quit but taper off.  Wellbutrin can help with the depression that the Cymbalta was helping, but this is going to be over time.  

Does Wellbutrin Help With Alcohol Withdrawal

Bupropion Withdrawal Symptoms A Comprehensive View of how it could help. Does Wellbutrin help with alcohol withdrawal?  Well, again, anti depressants are funny things.  What works for one person might not work for the other.  There hasn’t been enough studies to make it an official aid in helping with Alcohol addiction. However, a lot of patients report it does.  That doesn’t help much, does it?  Depending on what level of alcohol addict you are would determine if this would even be an option. 

There are various levels of alcohol addiction. Some people are more dependent on alcohol consumption. Whereas, others are less dependent.  This is the case for many drugs and addictions.  Some people have food addictions but this again is more habitual and craving of the body.  Yes, there are really sugar cravings.  The sugar creates a happy feeling and that happy feeling is what you’re addicted too.

Bupropion Withdrawal Symptoms A Comprehensive View of how you could use it. Pay attention to the information in this article. Literally, it could change your life. Opiate Withdrawal Academy is your way to go for. Call us now. And let our experts understand your case. Our treatment plan is customized to suit your needs. Reach out. Bupropion Withdrawal Symptoms A Comprehensive View is yours now.

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