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Disruptive editing by It looks as if the sources he claims to refer to were added by him here rather spontaneously and haphazardly via copy and paste from the above list.

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Disruptive editing by It looks as if the sources he claims to refer to were added by him here rather spontaneously and haphazardly via copy and paste from the above list. He mag probably never read them.

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Note the typo "Wiesbadan": he simply repeats it. So what is your solution? Parthava is a bit rude but his take chat room new york Mazandarani language is closer to reality than that of With all due respect I also do not see anything positive in the envovlement by a Nigerian in such matters as regional lnaguges of Iran.

Subjects which requires expertise to the native level. I also do not uderstand why he is so anti-Georgian when he himself in chat states that he is a Georgian Mazandarani. But: Mazandarani is not a persian dialect. Though stating that it is unintelligible with standard persian is also a big statement.

Intelligibility is a word which has gradual and relative meaning. It should be said mazandarani is a Northwestern Iranian language while standard Persian is a South Western one. I think you should use this phrase as I bored maf lets chat. About Gilaki instead of Mazandarani. I have heard this also from another native Mazandarani that they called their language Gilaki before, though it was different than the language of Gilan.

I will ask another Mazandarani though. Horny wives chatline free I should add that I am not someone who comes to edit on demand. I have my own intellectual integrity. I am not the paid kind of pesudeo-scholar who writes anything for a certain agenda. I only write the truth. I am not much into propaganda. If I can help with editing and clarifying the truth I will, but I wont undo edits by people, only because they are rude or so During this time, please try and find common ground and arrive to a version that all can live with.

If you cannot, this is a good time to pursue dispute resolution such as third opinions or requests for comments. I am sure though that he has never seen, let alone read them. He simply copied and pasted them because they contain the word 'dialects', probably from this list - without realizing that he copied and pasted the typos, too "Wiesbadan", "Geselaschaft". This guy is a vandal and troll have a look at the edit history of Amir Taheriplease. He engages in revert wars on issues about which he has absolutely no knownledge.

Even when you provide him with sources of the highest caliber, he makes absurd justifications for totally ignoring all references such as the one he makes now - without even reading the source! Please see his totally inappropriate vandalism and revert warring on Amir Taheri evidencing his tendency.

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To Parthava[ edit ] dear Parthava I have supported your case with regard to mazandarani language. I simply supported you POV on Mazandarani language, but formulated in a nice way. This is what I'm asking. He also removed the reliable sources, As linguistics know that two languages are not intelligble, This just has political background in the Pahlavi era, when all of the local cultures and languages censored, See Carina Jahani's Work. Not only sources, list of references and many others such as this one claiming that it is a language, Johannes Dorn researched about it some broed years resulting in Masanderanisch Sprache german for mazanderanish language and not dialect.

Without needing the entire source of those, Anyone could understand that it is a hoax and Sources are claiming that it's one of caspian dialects, Since caspian dialects are intelligble from region to the neighbor region but not from far east to the far west, both mazanderani and gileki are two dialects of caspian language, See the map created by myself in Caspian languages.

This request is not comprehensible. State clearly and in proper English what exactly you chta like to have changed, please. Sandstein talk11 May UTC Sorry for delayed response, I requested per above, change the current version this versionBored maf lets chat you, Many of sources, details, infos, The problem is that there seems to be no resolving of the conflict here on the talk in the first place, so every single time chhat is unprotected, the edit warring s.

This time the will not be unprotected until the conflict is fully resolved. I have left a note on Khoi khoi20 June UTC If you are the one who actually wants to resolve it, you may saw my notes above, My notes clearly specifies that this user is nothing to do, but just vandalizing theWe had too many wasteful disscussions, But the obvies thing is that this guy not aware where naughty chat rooms jasper city is adding nonesense staffs, This will be remained protected, and this is what you like, you stated mazanderanis are persian before, which is not NPOV -- Parthava talk21 June UTC This is a clear content dispute, not a case of vandalism.

Therefore, it is imperative that you follow the the dispute resolution process. Khoi khoi21 June UTC I told you that you are n't neutural in your postion, Sources never and never stated this, This is you misunderstanding of it, Here i tried to elts, But it is the best thing for you to keeping it protected in this version, You instead must resolve it, If you can't, you arent eligible to resolving edit wars by protecting it at wrong version.

Letss only edited this once in April When you said "you instead sex chat with girls of minneapolis resolve it", this is not my dispute to solve - this is between you, Also see meta:The Wrong Version. Until this point Parthava's idea of "dispute resolution" has been to unilaterally delete all sources contradicting his POV and labeling all dissent and contrary opinion as "vandalism.

This must be also done by Parthava.

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The disputed section is heavily sourced and verified by several references. I don't understand why Parthava keeps removing sourced information.

Bored maf lets chat

If Parthava letss to challenge the section content, he should provide supporting references. I believe that everything can be improved but deleting sourced information doesn't work in WP. I ly justified and clearly specified and defined the acts of this guy before, You can't see above or you don't like to mention it?

Bored maf lets chat

Although I was one of the major contributor in Mazandarani peopleI tried not be involved in edit wars in Mazandarani Language article. However, it seems that the situation is getting worse and worse here. Tiny-minority views and fringe theories need not be included, except in articles devoted to them.

Bored maf lets chat

It seems that you have a very rare point of view. Not many or even bred Mazandaranis share your POV. I prefer to contribute to articles by bringing more scholarly sources other than engaging in endless revert wars as you usually do.

Let's scholars talk. In all of these articles, Mazandarani Persian and other Caspian dialects of Standard Persian are unambiguously referred to as "dialect.


They is no way someone could verfiy that your great-grand mfa was actually a seyyed, or therefore an Arab. It was common for people starting years ago to claim "seyyed" heritage, since many considered it an """"honour""" to be of Mr. Mo's descent.

Not actually because they had that heritage. Safavid btw I recommend you pay a visit to Iran, as you apparantly haven't been there in a while. Please leave your family your will before your bofed min flight back to Tehran. BTW take a look at genetic discrete text dating free tucson, haplogroup J1 is Arab maker.

Persian or not. I hope that we don't disgree on the fact that it is a separate language as reported by ethnologue [1]. It is a northwestern Iranian language as opposed to Persian which is southwestern. So the sources that refer to it as dialect should be carefully scrutinized. While I see some European sources and they should legs mentionedI am mwf very sure about the Persian ones, due to the lack of neutrality.

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Then there is the research from University of Columbia, according to which Mazandarani is mutually unintelligible w. This source should also be included along the rest to have a fair and balanced view [2]p.

Bored maf lets chat

Heja Helweda talk6 July UTC Mazandarani is a dialect, and Ethnologue is not a scholarly source[ edit ] Ethnologue is a non-academic, evangelical Christian organization which publishes information on languages primarily to spread the "good word" of the Bible to different regions. Besides having its neutrality serious under question given its agenda, it is not a scholarly source.

Ethnologue is notorious for shoddy scholarship.

Bored maf lets chat

Sometimes the total s of speakers of languages in a country differ from the overall population figure: for example, for Croatia, Ethnologue free text sex chat in gurur a total population of 4, while, remarkably, the of Croatian speakers in Croatia is reported to be 4, On the other hand, I have provided numerous academic sources, from several countries around the world, both inside Iran and outside Iran, clearly indicating that regional Persian dialect of Mazandaran Province cchat indeed just that - a dialect.

The naf reverter is unfortunately an ideologue with a seperatist bias who does not want to acknowledge any source contrary to his own views. The author is not even a doctor or professor, nor is she sufficiently trained in linguistics. Whereas all of the sources describing Mazandarani Persian as a dialect of standard Persian are published sources in linguistics publications by mwf professionals. Le Coq, P.

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Melgounof, G. You may want to take a look at my comment on Ankimai talk chatt [3] ]. You may find it useful -- Larno Man talk7 July UTC You both seem to believe that kets there is a dialect, there has to be a standard language, too. You both seem to conclude that, since there is no standard Caspian, the Caspian dialects must be dialects of standard Persian. Well: this is a original research and b wrong.

There is, for ,ets, no standard Catalan either, but that doesn't mean that the Catalan dialects are dialects of Spanish. I wonder how you could spend hours of studies over scholarly books and journal papers, Larno Man, [4] and didn't even get that far. There is standard Catalan and cgat is the speech of Barcelona which relatively late is called as standard Catalan by the government of Catalunya but is not accepted but Valencia.

Moreover there is no spanish language. The official language in Spain is called Castillian. I do not know exactly about the bored maf lets chat but Catalan is an intermediary stage between Castillian and Provenceal which is not spoken any more due to the chauvinistic French policies and popular culture. Provenceaal itself was ain intermediary stage between French and Italian but was closer to Italian.

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